hummingbird tattoos

The Hummingbird is a 'beautiful' little creature and so special. They can fly backwards and hover in mid air by flapping their wings up to 80 times per second! Hummingbirds are small birds with long, thin bills.
"Hummingbirds" are believed to have supernatural powers in Indian folktales. In the ancient days some people would even carry a dead hummingbird wrapped in a cloth. Hummingbirds represent joy, celebration, and hope.
'Hummingbird' are not only regarded as supernatural creatures, but they are also believed to carry fire to earth, according to the 'Ohlone' legends. Last but not the least, South Americans regard hummingbird as water hoarder! This is the sole negative legend related to it. According to this legend, hummingbird hoarded water, so that no one else could use it, but the Botocudo Indians and Caingang released it. This was a little about the legends associated with hummingbirds. Now lets take a look at "hummingbird tattoos".
"Hummingbird" are also considered as "symbols" of energy and are also known as optimistic birds, as they bring joy to themselves by burying their nose in flowers and inhaling the sweetness of life. Hummingbird tattoo are also regarded as the "symbol of intimacy".
Talking about "hummingbird tattoo designs", loads of designs are available, as there are over three hundred "hummingbird types" available. One of the popular hummingbird tattoo designs is the 'classic black' chinned hummingbird. You can get this design done if you wish to have a simple design. But if you wish to have some exotic design, then go for sapphire chinned hummingbird, which has its beak deep pressed in scarlet red tulip. A colorful hummingbird which is soaring high in the sky and is about to land on the land, is also a very charming sight! Hummingbird with its wings wide apart, is considered as a 'symbol' of aggressiveness.
"Tribal hummingbird tattoo" designs are also quite popular as "tribal tattoos" make the use of thick black ink. If a 'couple' is thinking of getting a hummingbird tattoo done, then the best design for them would be of two hummingbirds facing each other, a mirror image. Just as in the case of other famous designs like "Celtic tattoo design" or "heart tattoos designs"; hummingbird tattoos surrounded with name of a beloved are also good "ideas".

"Hummingbird" are very small in size, it is better to depict them in the same size. So the locations which will look best with "hummingbird tattoos" are "ankle", "wrist", "shoulder" and "upper arm". If you wish to have an elaborate design, have a few other designs like that of some intricate flower designs or vines.
To make your "unique hummingbird tattoo", it is always good to conduct some good research and also talk to the tattoo artist. You can also opt to design your tattoo yourself. This will make your tattoo design unique. However, before you get a 'permanent tattoo' made, it is recommended to get a 'temporary tattoo', so as to be sure that you have indeed liked the design.



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