Skull Tattoo

One of the most popular tattoo designs since the ancient times are skull tattoo designs. Nowadays they are still often requested by people all over the world. More than that, their popularity has grown in recent time. In this search for "unique tattoos", skull tattoo have come into prominence. There is a wide variety of symbolic meanings attached to the skull tattoos. The meaning changes according to the skull, which is used. You may want to read more on skull tattoo.

"Skull Tattoo Symbol"
The 'symbol' of the skull is instinctive in human nature. A "human skull", with eyes much larger than life display a degree of neoteny, which is appealing to a number of humans. There are people, who look at skull tattoos as protection from death. It is also seen as a talisman by a number of people. This is especially true of bikers.
'Skull Tattoo Designs'
There are a number of "cute skull tattoos for girls and guys", as there are "evil skull tattoo". The skull tattoo design can be combined with a large variety of designs, such as "angel wing tattoo", "cross tattoo", "dragon flame tattoo", which lend a touch of uniqueness to the tattoo design.
'Grim Reaper'
When we say skull tattoo, they have to be macabre. Although it is evil in its looks, it is one of the most common skull tattoo design. They are depicted holding a scythe. A "grim reaper" can also be depicted holding a guitar, if you want to add a humorous tone to the "tattoo design".
"Sugar Skull Tattoo"
The Day of the Dead is a "celebration" in Mexico, where the skull is placed on a high pedestal. On this day family and friends gather to remember the near and dear ones, who have passed away. The "sugar skulls" are highly decorated and they are very popular with girls and women, as it has the original blend of skull and color as well as death and life. These tattoos are decorated with colorful flowers and different patterns are made on the skull itself. Some girls and women, pick this tattoo designs in loving memory of someone dear. These "tattoo designs" are uplifting and have positive images in the eyes of those who get them.
"Skull and Crossbones Tattoo"
This tattoo is also known as "Jolly Roger tattoo". This tattoo design was used by the "pirates" to intimidate their victims. A skull and crossbones also denote prison, internationally. The skull and "crossbones tattoo design" can be combined with an image of a black flag or it can also be used without the flag. Instead of the normal skull a "flaming skull" can also be used in this tattoo design.
There are a number of designs of 'skull tattoo'. you can opt to combine the tattoos with other tattoo designs, to get the beautiful look and also create an unique tattoo design.



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