Phoenix tattooed

 Phoenix tattooed
 The meaning of phoenix tattoo, The Resurrection from the above extract taken from the first epistle of clement, it is clearly stated that the 'phoenix bird' is the only creature that takes birth from its own ashes. The phoenix tattoo design also represents rebirth, resurrection, new beginning. Phoenix tattoos are medium to large sized tattoo, so one should be careful while choosing an apt 'location' for the tattoo.

Phoenix are regarded as an universal symbol of rebirth and resurrection. It is said to teach a valuable lesson that life never ends, it goes on. So one should never lose hope, whatsoever. So whoever wants to celebrate this essence of life, can get a "phoenix bird tattoo" done.

'Phoenix Tattoo'

'Chinese Phoenix Tattoo' 
'Egyptian Phoenix Tattoo'
'Fiery phoenix tattoo'
'Girly phoenix tattoo'
'Japanese  Phoenix Tattoo'

'Rising phoenix tattoo'
'Tribal Phoenix Tattoo'
This was all about "phoenix tattoos". Now you can get a unique tattoo for yourself. But remember to take proper 'tattoo care' of your tattoo, as only with proper care, you will be able to flaunt the tattoo well. good luck.:



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