Christian cross tattoo

When these cross tattoo are used as a reference to Christianity, it symbolizes the victory of "Jesus" Christ over the dead and the Romans who crucified him. Crucifixion was a very common way of executing prisoners and slaves at that time, and this is something Jesus Christ endured as well. There are no rules in Christianity that prohibit a person from getting a tattoo, unlike some other religions. Christian cross tattoos for women and men are thus allowed by the religion itself, and are therefore very popular ways of expressing one's devotion to God.
The most attractive thing about Christian cross tattoo is their unlimited versatility. They can be designed to signify a large number of things, and they are available in an endless number of sizes and colors. A special message can also be added to these tattoos, in order to add a larger sense of personalization to these tattoo designs.
Doesn't the Bible forbid Tattoos? In the Leviticus section of the "Bible", you will find a passage that sometimes says something about not making marks on the flesh, and sometimes outright says no tattooing. It will depend on the modernity of the translation. However the idea is pretty much the same, and it's a seriously debated point amongst those who are strongly religious.
However, in the world of tattoo, there is a very strong presence of 'Christian symbol' and designs and it seems to have always been a part of Western culture. Portraits of Jesus and Mary abound, as do renderings of the Last Supper, back pieces of the Rock of Ages, and more. Crosses, in endless variation, are one of the most popular tattoo designs presently.
A wide-range of modern Christians now feel that the passage in the 'Bible' speaks only to emblems not of their own faith, and take no shame in wearing skin art that illustrates their beliefs. Some people feel the imagery is a constant reminder of the divine and makes them feel closer to God. Others have gotten "religious tattoo" as symbol of healing or re-birth.
The cross is regarded as a highly sacred symbol. It symbolizes faith, immortality and the heavenly bodies. The four points or the hands of the cross signifies the four directions the North, South, East, West. It has been used as a symbol against evil since a long time.
There are many variations that can be added to Christian cross tattoo, and even the most devout Christians opt for these designs sometimes, as a show of their devotion. Some people view tattoos as a defilement of the body, and therefore look upon Christian cross tattoos with scorn. This is simply their opinion, because ultimately, each individual has their own way of being devout.



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