Dragon Tattoos

Dragon Tattoos have always been and will always be tremendously popular. At one time, they were considered to be the realms of the mafia and other criminals. Now even the "Hollywood celebrities" have caught on to this "trend". The allure and mystique of the Far East never fails to draw attention.
Do you love the "dragon tattoos"? There are dragon tattoos, no matter what they mean, but these dragon tattoos are really awesome! these a brief information about the "meaning" and "symbol dragon tattoo designs".
"The meaning of dragon tattoo"
'Chinese Dragon Tattoo' :
"Chinese dragon tattoos" are believed to symbolize 'harmony', 'intelligence', 'lucky charm', 'health', etc. A Chinese dragon looks like a snake, has scaly body, clawed legs and has no wings. A dragon is called as 'Lung' in 'Chinese' and these dragons represent power and mystery. A Chinese dragon tattoo may depict different meanings with different colors and designs. An Earth dragon is called as 'Ti-luns' and is said to control rivers and other water sources on the Earth, while a yellow dragon is known for having scholarly knowledge. A spiritual dragon is known as 'Shen-lung' which is said to control rain and wind on the Earth. Thus, you can go for a Chinese dragon tattoo with the meaning that appeals to you the most.
'Japanese Dragon Tattoo' :
Similar to Chinese dragons, there are various types of "Japanese dragons". A dragon has always had a very significant place in 'Japanese' myths. The physical features of a Japanese dragon include, tiger like paws, no wings, long whiskers, serpentine look, etc. The color of these dragons are associated with the nature of the parents of the tattoo bearer. A 'golden' colored Japanese tattoo depicts, that the parents of that person are compassionate, strong and wise, while a 'black' colored dragon represents wisdom. 'Ka-Riu' (red dragon, small in size), 'Sui-Riu' (a dragon that has control over rain), 'Han-Riu' (largest dragon), etc are some of the types of Japanese dragons. Since, Japanese people consider dragon to be their water deity, most of these dragons are drawn with designs of clouds. Many of these dragon tattoos symbolize, longevity and power.
'Tribal dragon tattoo' :
"Tribal dragon tattoos" are always in demand because of the design and form. These can symbolize different meanings, which would also depend upon the form used. As per the old folk tales, the kings used the dragons to guard the treasures; which were hidden in the caves. It was also rumored that only those who could overpower the dragons could obviously claim the treasures.
"Dragon Tattoo Designs" are very adaptable and flexible "Body Art" and looks great on large areas of the body such as the "arm tattoo", "rib cage tattoo", "chest tattoo", "lower back tattoo" and "shoulder blade tattoo". They can be seen inked in colors such as 'red' and 'green' while others opt for the 'plain black ink' with some tribal touch. They can be portrayed as terrifying or monster-like, charming and kind and even small and innocent. It all depends on what kind of message the person sporting the tattoo wants to portray.
If you love the "dragon tattoos" l As a person who wants to get inked with a "dragon design", it is important to determine that exact layout. It doesn‚t matter how you appreciate dragons in your life. What‚s more important in getting a tattoo is the willingness. Obviously, you have to know whether you‚re really interested of not. Rushing your decision might result to regrets in the future. And no matter what you do, you will not have the chance to remove or change it. It will remain for a lifetime.



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