Heart Tattoos

"Love" is the most obvious and universal symbolism of the heart and heart tattoos are made by people to express their love for their beloved. A heart stands for love, relationship and commitment. A flaming heart specifically represents passion for something or someone.
"Heart tattoos" became popular in the early 1900’s. It started with heart tattoo designs, especially ones who were going to far off lands. Sailors or soldiers who were leaving to fight in the World War II were the ones who started the latest trend of heart tattoos. Sailors chose the red heart with mom written in the center. Soldiers, on the other hand, got their girlfriend’s name tattooed on a heart before they left for war. There are a number of "heart tattoo designs". Some of the designs may seem similar, but they often times have their own unique aspects.
"Heart Tattoo Designs"
'Locked Heart Tattoo'
A locked heart is a very common tattoo design in heart tattoos. This is one of the common heart tattoo designs for women as well as men. Many a times, this design is made by couples who want to share a permanent symbol of their relationship, with the design of a locked heart and a key. The couples choose to divide the tattoo design between themselves. One of the partner gets the locked heart tattooed, the other partner gets the tattoo of the symbolic keys to the heart. This tattoo design has become a rage as it is a better and safer way to share a tattoo, as compared to a tattoo with a name, which loses its meaning in case the relationship ends.
'Tribal Heart Tattoo'
"Tribal heart tattoos" are famous among women and men. Generally tribal heart tattoos are quite elaborate. They are famous for the black ink as due to the black ink displays a contrast so that they can be easily seen. Women prefer to have delicate tribal tattoos and prefer to wear the tribal heart tattoos on ankles, though they can be done on any location, like 'Sandra Bullock' has a tribal heart tattoo below her navel. To personalize the tribal heart tattoo, you can ink the name of your beloved as heart tattoos with names are also very popular.
'Pierced Heart Tattoo'
This is a "symbol" for lost love or it can also represent that the wearer of the tattoo is hurt in love. A variety of objects can be used to pierce the heart. The objects used include arrows, daggers, or any other sharp piercing object. If someone wants to be creative, they may even opt for wood stakes to pierce the heart. This is another of the common heart tattoo designs for men and women. A pierced heart with an arrow can also mean cupid has struck the person and the person has fallen in love.
'Realistic Heart Tattoo'
A "realistic heart" is a little more edgy as there is realism attached to it. A typical real heart will have the shape of a heart with veins running on them. Of the number of heart tattoo designs for women and men, this has become a hot favorite in recent times. If one has to look at these heart tattoos, symbolically they are not different than the other designs.
'Flaming Heart Tattoo'Most of the times, "flaming heart tattoos" are made in red, but, you can experiment by mixing and using other colors like 'orange', 'yellow', 'amber', 'blue', 'black', etc. You can even personalize your tattoo by inscribing the name or initials of your beloved. Popular flaming heart tattoo designs include intertwined hearts, heart with a dagger, heart with wings, surrounded by flames.

'Broken Heart Tattoo'Another design available in heart tattoos for women is broken heart tattoos. As the name suggests, these heart tattoos for women symbolize a broken heart. Dealing with a break up is not easy for all, it is said that sorrow decreases if you share it. Some people are introvert and cannot share their sorrow with anyone, and broken heart tattoos can work as a vent for them. "Broken heart tattoos" are available in many designs such a stitched heart or heart tattoo with a knife in it.
These were some of the 'heart tattoo designs'. However, once you have decided to go for it, you should always have a tattoo made from a "professional tattoo artist".



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