Fairy tattoos

Fairy tattoos are one of the most popular and appealing tattoo designs. The designs range from the cartoon graphic style, all the way to almost photo-realism detail, and the lot in between. Here are just a few of the things you can do with your own tattoo design.

The "fairy designs" often reflect different moods and emotions. You can choose "happy fairy", "mournful fairy", "sad fairy", "majestic fairy", "graceful fairy" and "beautiful fairy", and even "scary", "angry" looking fairies. There's a lot of choice, so it‚s the perfect tattoo to get if you want to coalesce implausible artwork with a deeper feeling, emotion, or meaning.

"fairy tattoo design"
'Tribal fairy tattoo'
 For those who want their "tribal fairy tattoo" to look bold and strong, a tribal design can work great.  So how can a tribal design work with a fairy design?  Well the wings can be done in a tribal black line work design or you can feature a tribal design on the sides or even behind the fairy.  For example think of a long rectangular tattoo design like the "lower back tattoo".

'Natural fairy tattoo'The "natural fairy" is quite mystical and lives in wooded environments. The design can have elements of nature embedded in it. Designs can be bold and take a more "environmental" approach or they can be more mysterious, such as a fairy partially hiding her face. Find cute and "sexy fairy tattoos" at your tattoo design.

'Cute fairy tattoo'If you want something more cartoonish the "cute fairy" may be for you. They are simply cute. They may also be sexy or feminine. It's all about facial expression and positioning of the fairy, as well as colors that are used. You should consider the pose of your fairy and the facial expression to make your fairy as cute as possible.

'Butterfly fairy tattoo'The "butterfly fairy" is quite popular. This type of tattoo consists of a fairy with a butterfly in the "image" or a "fairy with butterfly wings".
The cost of a "fairy tattoo" largely depends on a number of factors like the design, the intricacy of the design, the colors used and the size of the tattoo. "Fairy tattoos for women" are very flexible and hence, make some of the best feminine tattoo designs. Since, they resemble a lot with humans, they can be used very well to express different emotions. So, what are you waiting for, check out the 'fairy tattoo designs' available with various tattoo makers and get the one that is close to your heart.



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